With the solitude of the upper room now over and the agony ahead, Jesus talked as he made his way to Gethsemane. First to his followers, then to His Father. This talk with his followers gave them information about God the Son (Himself) God the Spirit, and God the Father. The Bible uses many analogies to depict God’s relationship to His people. Here in our text of John 15:1-17, Jesus does exactly this in depicting our relationship with him. As they walked, perhaps their journey took them through a vineyard, and Jesus Begins to talk to them about the importance of abiding with Him. Just as a branch depends entirely on the vine for life, sustenance, growth, and fruit, so believers depend completely on the diving Lord as the source of their spiritual life and effect. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit unless it is connected to the vine, so believers cannot bear spiritual fruit apart from their life-giving union with Christ. The central truth the Lord wanted to communicate in this symbol is the importance of abiding in Him. IN the most basic sense, whether or not a person abides in Christ reveals whether they have a relationship with Him (v2, 6). It must be noted that this simple and obvious understanding of the text rescues it from many unnecessary misinterpretations. And it is only to the degree that the redeemed abide in Christ that we can bear spiritual fruit. This text encourages genuine believers to abide in Him in the fullest, deepest, most complete way. May we begin to understand the significance of this wonderful passage.