In John 16:12-15 we see that the ministry of the Holy Spirit will be the driving force in our attempt to know the Lord. For the unbeliever He brings conviction of sin so that they will trust God. For the believer, He will bring assurance of Salvation in the midst of our imperfections, and to both he brings the understanding through the Word of God that God will deal with this sinful world. The true believer loves the Word of God, and believes it because of the work of the Spirit. If you have a relationship with God, you should have a desire to know and understand the Word of God. If you are not interested in what God says, and what is found in the pages of God’s Word then you most likely do not have the indwelling presence of God in you. We must understand that where the Spirit is not, God does not reside there also. On the contrary, Where the Spirit of God is there is God. Walking in the Spirit does not mean sinless perfection, it means that we are sensitive to the sinful choices that we make, and we humbly approach God for forgiveness (Which He will grant). Walking in the Spirit is manifested by spiritual growth and development. May we allow the convicting work of the Spirit to bring us a closer walk with the Lord.