Jesus says in Matthew 19:19 “Honour thy father and thy mother: ” How do you do that is a sin cursed society? And how do you do it when we are told in the Bible that we are “to leave our father and mother and cleave to our spouse?” (Genesis 2:24). “Honour” means to show respect. That does not mean that we have to obey them any longer, it doesn’t mean that we have to agree with their lifestyle, or even the way that they raised us. But, it does mean that we demonstrate to them the love and respect that the deserve, because God has chosen to make them our mother. Of all the potential candidates in the world when you were born, God placed you in the womb of your mother. Because of her respect for you, and her commitment to this pregnancy she chose to carry you for 9 months, and then saw to it that you were cared for while you were growing up. If that does not deserve our respect, nothing else does. We were selfish, self-centered little brats upon our birth, they may not have cared for us the way we would have liked them to care for us, but often they did what they could based on the training they received as a child. My mom is now with the Lord, and I will still admit that she loved me with an everlasting love. I know that my mom sacrificed for me the best way she knew how. I want to just encourage you to tell your mom, “I love you!” This mother’s day, it is the best way to demonstrate your “honoring” her. Then don’t just say it on Mother’s Day, tell her regularly, so that she will know, and you will have no regrets when your mom is not longer with you.