The church is formed, as believers are baptized by Christ with the Holy Spirit. It is not the Holy Spirit’s baptism but Christ’s baptism WITH the Holy Spirit that gives us new life and places us into the body when we trust in Christ. It is not possible to be a Christian and not be baptized by Christ with the Holy Spirit, nor is it possible to have more than one baptism with the Spirit. By this baptism the Son places all believers into the sphere of the Spirit’s power and Person, into a new environment, a new atmosphere, a new relationship with others, and a new union with Christ. We are not told exactly how this is done, any more than we are told exactly how God creates a new life in the first birth. But what is true is that just as a new person is established at conception, a new creature is established in the new birth, by being baptized with the Holy Spirit. Jus as their are no partially saved Christians there are no partially indwelt Christians. When we trust in Christ we are completely immersed into the Spirit and completely indwelt by Him. Just as a child is given all the enablement to live as they are born, so too, does every believer have all the enablement to live the Christian life that they need. There is no second blessing of the Spirit to wait upon, only a continued development of the relationship as we learn to walk in that Spirit. Today, don’t get frustrated by the struggles of life; these are the very things that help us learn to walk closer to the Lord.