Jesus is the bread of life, without him we can do nothing. What are we supposed to do? Eat!!! Are we spiritually hungry? Will we avail ourselves to the feast set before us? The prodigal son come to himself and said, my father’s house has bread enough and to spare, while I perish with hunger! We must recognize that only Jesus can satisfy us Notice that when the manna was left for Israel, it was on the ground, and they had to stoop down to receive it. This pictures a couple of things, first, the manna was put in a place that anyone could reach it no matter how young or old. Second, In order to pick it up a person had to either bow at the waist, or get down on their knees. Third, each person had to take for themselves, they couldn’t be satisfied by watching others partake, and no one else could gather for them. Each had to reach for their own. Jesus became the bread of life so that we might enjoy the life that God has for us to learn. Today, by reading and meditating and studying God’s word, we can grow spiritually. We cannot hoard the word of God ahead of time, it needs to be fresh and new every day. Have you had your daily portion of truth from God’s Word today?