How do you look at life? Do you perceive your circumstances based on what you believe is best for you? When we do this, we are never really satisfied with what happens. We struggle because things do not seem to be fair. I would like to propose that we begin to look at life from God’s point of view. We need to remember that God is working out everything in conformity with His purpose and will! As we do this, we must choose to respond the right way to our circumstances, and occupy our mind by planning and deciding the proper way to go. With that in mind how do we replace unjust thoughts? First, understand that right thoughts replaces hurtful thoughts, just like light removes darkness. Second, right thoughts replaces personal pride. This means that often I think that I deserve better than what I am getting. The old, “I’ve been good so God owes me a better life,” We must remember that we live in a sin cursed world, with a sin cursed body, and a sin cursed enemy, those things will continue to war against us for as long as we are in this world (and always remember that we are in this world for a reason and purpose). It is hard to maintain perspective, but we are reminded in Philippians :8 to meditate on those things which are just, and that is a process of controlling our thinking, not something that “happens” by circumstances.