In Luke 2:25-35 we read about one of the forgotten characters of the birth narrative of Jesus. Simeon, was an older man who was looking for the consolation of Israel (the Messiah). He positioned himself in the one place that he was confident that he would find that Messiah – The Temple. As we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord it is essential to ask ourselves if we, like Simeon are ready to meet the Messiah. The Bible gives us three reasons why people come to the place of meeting, and it is the same reasons that people have doe throughout history, and we need to ask ourselves why we will position ourselves in church this Sunday. The sad reality is that out of those three reasons only one brings salvation and spiritual growth to those who come. This week I want to remind us of those three reasons, and ask you a simple question, why are you coming to the place of worship? There were three religious groups who were in the temple that day, the Sadducees, who came because of procedure, the Pharisees, who came because of their practice, and then we see Simeon, who came because of his piety to meet the Lord. Of all those there Simeon was one of the few people there who not only saw the Messiah, but recognized Jesus as such. How about you, are you prepared to recognized Jesus in your life?