If we are to develop the fruit of the Spirit, how does that happen. Psalm 1 compares the godly man to a tree planted by a river (v2-3) Here the bearing of Spiritual fruit, is clearly related to the place the Word of God has in our lives. Notice that it does not say “read” it says meditate. As we meditate on the Word of God, the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin which needs to be purged and directs us to God’s standard for our lives. Apart from the Word of God there will be no lasting spiritual growth or fruit-bearing in our lives. We are also told in John 15 That we can only bear fruit if we abide in Christ. It may be possible for us to make use of the gifts of the Spirit even when we are out of fellowship with the Lord, but we cannot display the fruit of the Spirit all the time when our fellowship with Christ has been interrupted. The secret of abiding is obedience. As we, through obedient living, abide in Christ, the life of Christ flows into us, producing fruit to the glory of the Father and the nourishment and blessing of others. Remember without the vine the branch can do nothing. As I abide in Christ, the Holy Spirit works in my life, creating in me the fruit of the Spirit, and while the fruit is manifested to those around me, it not by my goodness that you see it, but the life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit that produces it. Learn to walk in the Spirit and you will naturally display the characteristics described in Galatians 5:22-23.