During the snow storm a couple weeks ago, I was traveling back from Lima, and when I was almost home, I got behind a car that was traveling less than 20 MPH. I had to remind myself that they needed to be safe on the roads, but was struggling at times with the temptation to be frustrated, as I in my 4-wheel drive knew that I could travel a bit faster than they were. Then in the midst of this struggle, I remembered the message that I had planned for Sunday, from Galatians 5:22-23, and the three-fold characteristics for an other’s focus: Patience being the first of that triad. That reminded me that I needed to pray and ask the Lord to give me the ability to drive behind this vehicle recognizing they needed to be safe. Patience is often closely related to testings or trials in the Bible. We may be patient in ordinary life, but how do we react when trials come? trials force us to draw more and more upon the source of all strength, producing more of this characteristic is a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is the regular exercise of patience and longsuffering in the small day-to-day frustrations and irritations which prepares us to endure when the great battles come. So, how did I fair in the midst of my temptation? I was safe, warm and calm and arrived home a little later than I had planned, but not stressed and frustrated. That is a testament to the power of the Lord working in my heart and mind. Allow Him to develop this characteristic in your life, it is certainly worth it.