How do we know people? Our bodies only reflect to the world who we truly are. The only way that we can truly know another person is to get to spend time with them, personally. Bodies point us to who someone is, but our bodies are not really us. They are designed to enable us to function in this physical world, and represent to others who we are. We need to remember that the outside does not reflect the truth about us. We spend so much time reflecting on the outside, that it often shapes what we think about ourselves. We must not let the physical realm shape our self value judgments. We must allow the Word of God to do that. With that in mind we are reminded in Genesis 1:27 that we are created in the image of God. As such God has made and shaped us especially for the specific purpose God has for us. According to Genesis 9:6 when sin entered the world, that did not destroy the reality of us being created in God’s image. If this is true, why do we not recognize that principle today? The reason is because Sin mars our perception of that image in at least two ways. corporately – People are blind to the truth of who we really are, and Personally – We are blind to the purpose of God in how He has created us. It is important for us to understand the value that God places upon us, to recognize our importance not only to God but also to society. Today if you are struggling with who you are, remember – God has made you in His image and as such you are important to Him and others.