Change is a hard thing, but it is also a natural thing. We grow and change all the time, the problem comes in when we want to work at personal change. It is hard and often painful. But hard and painful does not equate with impossible. We have been exploring how we view ourselves, and we complete that study today. We don’t have to be what we were, and we an work at who we are trying to become. The focus of that change must be the Word of God. Sometimes in this journey we need help. That can be in the arena of accountability or in the area of discipleship. Both are valid. As we look for someone to assist us in life changes, make sure that the person is someone who loves the Lord and who is willing to firmly (albeit gently) hold our feet to the fire until the changes necessary become “second nature” We need to remember that Jesus sought out the 12, and poured out special training on them. It is no disgrace to understand that we need the help of others to do the right thing. James 5:14-15 reminds us that if we are struggling we need to call for those who are spiritual leaders to pray with us and encourage us in the life choices we need to make. Understanding that it that prayer of faith that will enable us to learn to live in the victory provided for us by Jesus Christ. Remember, God is in the process of molding us into the image of His some. Sometimes that process is painful, and sometimes it confuses us on how to do it. But He has provided us with a redemptive community that is designed by His grace to help us implement the principles of His Word in our lives.