Ephesians 2:1-3 characterizes a life that does not have Christ. Man does not BECOME spiritually dead because he sins, he is spiritually dead because by nature he is sinful. Our condition has nothing to do with the way we live, but it has everything to do with the fact that we are dead spiritually even while we are alive physically. A person who is spiritually dead has no life by which they can respond to spiritual things. In other words committing sinful acts does not make us sinners: we commit sinful acts because we are sinners. While we may vary greatly in our levels of human goodness and wickedness, we still fall short of God’s holiness, (Romans 2:23). Paul’s purpose in verses 1-3 is not to show how unsaved people live, but to remind believers how they themselves “formerly walked and formerly lived.” Because of Christ’s past work salvation in us \, we are presently and eternally under His love and delivered from the natural human condition of death, sin, lust and divine judgment. Remember my friends, Salvation is FROM sin and BY love. God’s mercy and love provide a way for believers to participate in the righteousness of His crucifixion. Compassionate love for those who do not deserve it makes salvation possible. May continue to come to understand this great love today.