Many people feel stuck in their past even when they respond properly, because they still struggle with a couple of questions. I explored the first yesterday, let me attempt to tackle the second today:

2) How should I respond when I keep remembering my failures?

I must remember that what occurs in my mind is a choice of our will. one of the reasons we become stuck in our past is that we replay our sin over and over in our minds. This often comes from:
a) a lack of genuine repentance – I am sorry I got caught, but not sorry that I did the act.
b) The fear of man – What will people think about me if they learn what I have done?
c) an unwillingness to forsake our sin – We are enjoy the sinful behavior so much, that we continue the behavior even when we struggle with the guilt.
d) We lose our aw of God’s forgiving grace – Forgiveness is never earned, and should be forever appreciated.
As I evaluate these things, I need to do three things to overcome and allow my failure to lead to success in my life.
a) Recognize that everyone has sin in their past – Romans 3:23 – Sin is not unique to me, don’t complicate matters by acting on the wrong thoughts and desires of our hearts.
b) Ask yourself, How did I respond after I sinned? 1 John 1:9 – Cover-up or confession. Don’t allow our sin to make us calloused to its effects on our lives.
c) Beware of significant consequences for not dealing with sin quickly – Galatians 6:7-8 – One of the primary reasons people leave past sins unaddressed is that they believe they can get away with it. Understand that because we live in the presence of an omnipresent God, every act is conducted in His presence. Use that thought as a motivation to holy living.