We all struggle with motives, actions, and thoughts. Yet, to often as Christians, we say to ourselves and others “That is just the way I am!” Sinful behavior is simply accepted in our lives because we believe that there is nothing more that we can do about it, because we don’t know why we do the things we do. Change must simply be from behavior modification without understanding. We must understand the heart reasons for our sin and work to correcting that attitude. As we understand our struggle we are able to learn to develop a proper strategy to apply Biblical principles to fight the inner struggle we have to sin. Today, make a commitment to begin to understand the foundational reasons for your sinful thoughts, motives, and actions, so that you can learn with the Power of the Holy Spirit to overcome those sins in your lives. Remember by God’s grace I will be different tomorrow than I am today, and by God’s grace I am not the person I was yesterday.