Not only is salvation by grace ALONE, it is through faith ALONE! Our response to the grace of God is faith, but even that is not of ourselves according to Ephesians 2:8 faith is “the gift of God” Faith is nothing we do in our own power or by our own resources. If faith were ours, then it would become our works and we would have some ground to boast in ourselves. When we accept the finished work of Christ on our behalf, we act by faith supplied by God’s grace. When a person’ heart stops beating, there is nothing he can do to make it restart, for all intents and purposes he is dead: If he is going to live again, someone outside of himself, has to start his heart again! A person who is spiritually dead cannot even make a decision of faith unless God first breathes into him the breath of spiritual life. Faith is simply breathing the breath that God’s grace supplies. The paradox of faith is that we must exercise it and bear the responsibility if we do not (John 5:40). The reason we are save by grace ALONE through faith ALONE is so that “no one should boast” Boasting is eliminated in salvation, because God’s grace is manifested in each of us in the same way, and in the same amount! Allow God to develop in you the faith to trust in the finished work of Christ for your salvation