People don’t care what you know, they want to know how much you care! The only way to do that is to put your words into action. In James 2:14 we are asked, “What does it profit, if someone says they have faith but does not have works? Can faith save them?” James is not saying that this person actually has saving faith, but rather that the person claims to have saving faith. Actions speak louder that words, and you can claim all you want that you are a “Christian” but if your walk does not match your talk, you better reevaluate your talk. In this passage the orthodoxy of what the person is saying is not in question, what is in question is the evidence of their claim. The type of works that James has already talked about are: Endurance (1:3) , perseverance under trial (1:12) purity of life (1:21), obedience to scripture (1:22-23) , impartiality (2:1-9) and he will later talk about acts of compassion (2:15), control of the tongue (3:2-12), Humility (4:6, 10), truthfulness (4:11), and patience (5:8). It is interesting that this involves the inward integrity of the believer. As a Christian there should be an inward change that proves itself with outward actions. It is natural, and happens incrementally as we grow and mature in our faith. As the indwelling Spirit of God works through our new natures we will instinctively produce the fruit of righteousness. If a person does not manifest new life, then it is a demonstration that he has no life. Ask yourself a simply question, “Does my life manifest some of these characteristics outlined in James? If you want to know if you are a believer that is the way to evaluate your heart