Our goal at Millersburg Baptist Church is to demonstrate the two great commandments that the Lord has highlighted in His Word. That is to “Love the Lord with all our heart” and the second is to “to love our neighbor” It is with this in mind that we will NOT be having our regular scheduled Bible Study/Prayer Meeting or AWANA tonight as we continue to evaluate how to serve our family and community. These are unpredictable times, and it is our desire to minister to the needs of family and community in creative ways. If you have a prayer need please feel free to call the church office at 330-674-5927 and the pastor will pray for your need (either in person, or privately if you will leave a message). You can also send a message to us via messenger and we will take your need(s) before the Lord. God Bless and keep you today, and may you come to see and understand the power of God in your life.