Life is so much easier when we allow God to work in our lives. The world is filled with so much more joy when we are not blinded by petty resentment. It is a lesson our world never learns. Resentment causes families to break apart, communities to be torn in violence, nations to remain at war for generations. It injects its teeth into countless souls of those who walk among us, so that lives that might have been productive, lives that might have been a blessing, become consumed by self-destructive hatred. This hatred keeps us from knowing the goodness of God, and it keeps us from being faithful parents, children, and neighbors. We do not have to live this way, all we need to do is ask God to free us from the chains of the ledger books of our lives. How many ledgers are you carrying around with you? Won’t you allow Christ to cut them away for good? Throw away the books, walk free and lighthearted, and you will live in an atmosphere of grace and joy you never thought possible. Resist your resentment. Banish every trace of bitterness. Live3 by the liberating law of grace – and choose not to dwell in the past.