Perhaps the defining question for the human race is “Why?” Of all God’s creatures, we are the only ones wo seek to understand, and secure the reason and rationale for circumstances and events. When the answers elude our grasp and the void ignores our questions, we suffer a kind of spiritual vertigo we call doubt. But we need to recognize that doubt is not to opposition of faith, but the opportunity of faith, the growing pains of an eager, seeking spirit. The rue enemy of faith is unbelief, which refuses to consider truth. Doubt is a necessary leg of the journey, that when approached correctly leads to a deeper understanding of life and truth. In John 20 we see Thomas’ struggle to understand the truth that Jesus has raised from the dead. We was missing on the day Jesus first showed up in the upper room, and even though all 10 of the other disciples said they saw Jesus, he doubted the validity of their message. He wanted to come to a clear understanding of this truth for himself, as a result his doubt does not cause Him to abandon his faith, but we find him 8 days later still with the other disciples working that doubt. When we struggle with doubt, we need to be careful that we do not isolate ourselves from those who we trust, and rely upon. the danger is to determine who we should listen to, and rely upon. As we gauge this for ourselves, we need to keep focused on the Word of God, and make sure that what we are hearing is clearly taught in God’s Word. Don’t believe it because it is what you are taught, believe it because it is clearly taught in the Word of God. Examine the Word, and make sure that the what you believe is truly taught there.