The fact that Psalm 115:3 says, God “does whatever He pleases” often causes to view God as arbitrary or selfish. However, we must understand that this verse is couched in the attributes of God, and the knowledge that God will never do anything contrary to His nature. With that in mind, we are reminded by this passage and others like it that on one hand, no one can act and no circumstances can occur outside the bounds of God’s sovereign will. And on the other hand, No one can frustrate His plans or hinder his purposes. God doing as He desires is a statement of comfort to those who trust in Him, because we are brought to an understanding that God not only has the right to do what He wants, and the desire to accomplish His plan, but He also has the ability to carry that plan out. No one, nor no thing can keep God from accomplishing His plan for His creation. Everything that we do and experience is all apart of kingdom living. Isaiah 46:10 reminds us that God has said, “My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure,” This counsel was established before the foundations of the world began, and God is in the process of providentially working in the lives of ALL of mankind to accomplish that plan. The mystery of all this is that, mankind is morally responsible for the decisions that they make, and are not mere puppets in the plan and purpose of God. This gives responsibility to choices, and dignity to life. As you approach each day, we must understand that God is working to accomplish His plan and purpose in the redemptive process of mankind. We can work with Him in that process or we can work against Him in that process, but we can not stop Him from accomplishing that process. Rest in His great power and seek to follow the Word of God in directing us to kingdom living.