The problem of God’s sovereignty is that while the Bible asserts both God’s sovereignty and people’s freedom and moral responsibility, it never attempts to explain their relationship. This is most likely because even if God were to attempt to explain it, it would not make sense to us. We must remember that God is infinite in His ways as well as His being, and a finite mind simply cannot comprehend Him beyond what He has revealed to us. But at the same time we must understand that passages like James 1:13-14 tell us that God is never the author of sin. The fact that people’s sinful intents and actions serve the sovereign purpose of God does not make God the author of their sin nor make them any less culpable for their actions. The Bible consistently portrays people as making real choices of their own will, there is never any suggestion in Scripture of people being mindless puppets moved by divine strings. With this in mind we must be willing to acknowledge that we are accountable for our actions, and the proper response is found in 1 John 1:9 “Confession” The glory of God is that He is always ready to forgive us when we turn to Him from our sin. Rest in the forgiveness of the Lord.