n Luke 3:7-8 John the Baptist, challenges the religious leaders of the day to produce fruit worthy of repentance. The Bible makes it clear that true repentance will have a powerful effect in the life of the person who repents. 2 Corinthians 7:11 reminds us that repentance produces 7 effects in the lives of the ones who are repenting:

1. An earnest desire to be obedient to God

2. A desire to vindicate themselves to others

3. A hatred toward the sin we have committed

4. A fear that we will fall again

5. A longing to know the truth and live in freedom of that sin

6. A zeal to serve God and others

7. A willingness to make right our wrongs to others.

Repentance causes us to focus on our relationship with God and desire to live in the forgiveness that is offered to us, because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. It is that understanding, that leads us to desire to live a changed life, and that life will affect the way we interact with those who are around us. It is this truth that helps us to deal with the guilt of our actions, and to turn from remorse to victory.