In the book of Hebrews, the writer of the book, in addressing a Hebrew audience, starts of the book by placing the name God in the emphatic position. The significance of this is often lost on us, but in so doing he draws attention to the fact that it is God (under the Hebrew name Elohim), who has acted in such a way as to reveal Himself to us. He has done that in various ways to the Hebrew people over a long period of time, and He concluded that revelation by sending the one, who was “His Son” to reveal to us the person and plan of God for salvation and a restored relationship with Himself. Since Elohim is powerful enough to create all things by His own power, it is possible for the revelation of Himself, through the Son, to make redemption possible for the world. It is this foundation that make possible the hope we have that the Word of God was more than just a book of ethical stories, complied by men. This is God’s own revelation of Himself and His plan to a world who could not deduce God’s plan without God, Himself, revealing it to him. As a follower of God, we do not have to be concerned about the circumstances of our lives, or the state of our being. God in His power is working to conform us, as followers of Christ, into the image of His Son.