The Scripture is neither vague nor equivocal on the promise of Christ’s return. A large proportion of Scripture is prophetic, and much of it was prophetic when originally written. it is interesting that today we live in a time when even the scoffers are in a state of fearful expectation. The frightening potential of worldwide destruction exists on several levels. In fact, the most vocal doomsayers today are not people who expect the return of Christ, but secularists who have recognized that this world and all life on it inevitably will end someday. They are right, It will end, but not because of any ecological irresponsibility or human destructiveness. That is not to say that some of the events will not be triggered by human means, fur the Bible tells us that the world as we know it will end with the return of Jesus Christ. The history of the world will climax in His literal bodily return to the earth. How do we know this? The Bible gives us clear evidence of this fact. And I would like to point out those things over the next few days. In the meantime, as believers, we need to take comfort in the fact that God has the times and seasons in His control. Nothing can nor will happen outside of His plan and purpose. We need to recognize that history is moving toward the return of Christ, and the establishment of His Kingdom. For those who have not put your trust in the work of Christ on the cross for your deliverance from your sinful heart, and adoption into the family of God, it is not to late, and you are not to evil! God came the first time to provide salvation for us. All sin separates us from God, all we need to do is allow the truth of God’s Word to control our life and walk, and that begins by acknowledging you are a sinner, and choosing to follow Christ. If you have not done that, why not do that today!