In Luke 2:1, we see that Caesar Augustus, and Quirinius were all a part of the plan of God in the incarnation of Christ. With this text we are reminded that God is working behind the scenes to make His plan fit perfectly into the reality of the world situation. There are times when we are involved in some great things without ever recognizing our part in the plan. What a comfort it should be to know that God is in the process of using the decisions that ungodly leaders throughout the world to make possible the fulfilment of His plan. Remember that all the events of our lives fit the puzzle of that plan! Nothing that happens in the coming year will thwart God’s plan, and as a matter of fact, all that happens fits into the scheme of what the Lord is doing. With that in mind may we rest in the peace that God provides through His sovereign direction in our lives, and the decisions of men. We are each responsible before God for the decisions we make, even though God directs in the decisions that are made.