Philippians 2:14 commands us to “do all things without murmuring and disputings” We live in a society that loves to complain. The more people have, the more discontent they are apt to be with what they have, and have you ever noticed that people do not like to “suffer” alone? Working our out Christian lives without complaining involves more than an action adjustment, it involves an attitude adjustment. Matthew 15:18-19 reminds us that “those things that proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” When we stop complaining, we free ourselves to be all God wants us to be. As followers of Jesus Christ we need to learn to be content with the circumstances our loving Heavenly Father allows to come into our lives. We need to learn to be content with the “toys” God allows us to have and the opportunities the Lord puts in our path. Contentment is a choice, just as complaining is a choice. Choose today to begin to take steps to change your attitude, by choosing to be content with where you are.