Scripture reminds us to be satisfied with what we have, and where we are in life. This is a marked contrast to the attitude of our culture. People today are not content – with little or much. The more people have, the more discontent they seem to be. Mass media advertises items that are far more optional and discretionary, but you would never know it from the sales pitch. The media message is never, “wouldn’t you like to have this?” rather it is “You NEED this!” If we expose ourselves to this type of appeal, we will find ourselves “needing” things you don’t even want! To protect yourself, pay careful attention to whatever you are attaching the word “NEED” to. We will be satisfied with little when we refuse to depend on the luxuries of this world to define our “success.” We must “learn how to be content” and a key to that is learning to ve satisfied with the things that you have in life.