On the night before His death, the Lord Jesus Christ made a wonderful promise to all who believe in Him (John 14:1-3). The “Father’s house” Jesus referred to is the New Jerusalem, where God will live with His people forever. It is the present heaven where God dwells with the Holy angels, and where the redeemed go when they die. As the vision of the New Jerusalem unfolds in Revelation 221:9-22:5, history as we know it has ended, and biblical time is no more. John and his readers are transported to the eternal state. Having described the fearful eternal destination of those who have rejected the salvation offered to them through the atoning work of Christ, viewed as the “Lake of Fire”. The vision of John takes us to the blissful eternal resting place of the redeemed. Because it is the capital ciy of heaven and the link betweeen the new heaven and the new earth, the New Jerusalem is central to the vision and is described in far more detail than the rest of the eternal state. Examining these verses reminds us of the great length that the Lord is going to prepare for us a wonderful place of rest and security. What a privilege it is to have this hope to look forward to. Remember our hope is in what is to come, not in what we are to leave behind.