The Word of God encourages us not to live in the gray twilight of existence. God’s Word not only encourages us, but commands us to become involved in the battle for truth! The very enemy who endeavored to withstand God in His own heaven and who withstood man in his innocence in the Garden of Eden is continuing to attempt to destroy all that God has done for His creation. Satan did all he could to stop the birth, life and resurrection of Christ, and now he tries to destroy the church and hinder service rendered by believers. If we do not recognize the enemy, understand something of his significance, and prepare for battle, and we will lose out in life y not fulfilling what God desires for you. Many today fail to stand because they are afraid of failure, or of falling short of their expectations of what we are supposed to do. Yet in their fear, people are crippled and they fail to understand that God will assist us through our failure, and that God’s expectations for our service are realized ever time we do our best for the Lord. His expectation is not our hardened concept of perfection, but His realization of a job completed. Commit your life to the Lord and He will give you the strength you need to face the circumstances and temptations of life.