If all the biblical about the awesome power of Satan is unnerving, remember this basic truth: We do not need to fear our adversary. He has alarming capabilities but God has greater abilities, and as a follower of Jesus Christ God is on our side. While the Bible tells us often and emphatically that this war is real and the foe is to be respected, it never tells us to fear him. In fact, it gives us reasons to be confident. Let me share with you a few of those:
1. Remember that the Devil is a created being, he is ot God’s counterpart and he is not even Jesus’ counterpart. the devil has power, but is always limited by God.
2. Satan can be resisted by the Christian who relies on God. James 4:7 tells us to draw near to God and resist the devil, and if we do that, the devil will flee from us. This happens by learning and following the Word of God (Psalm 119:11). The Devil cannot compete with God in the life of a submitted Chrisian.
3. God places limitations on Satan. Satan wanted to wreak havoc in Job’s life and God always limited what he could and could not do (Job 1-2). Satan cannot do to us what God does not allow him to do.
With all this in mind, let us run the race with confidence, knowing that God is going before us on the path.