The Lord’s statement in John 14:7-11 was nothing less than a claim to full deity and equality with the Father. He is the way to God (v6) because He is God. He is not merely a manifestation of God, He is God manifested, and that truth (a constant theme throughout John’s gospel), is the watershed that divides true from false views of Christ. Many throughout history and today have regarded Jesus as nothing more than a good man, and an exemplary, virtuous moral or religious teacher. But that is impossible! No one who claimed to be God incarnate, if his claims were false, could be a good man. If Jesus knew His claim was false, He would be a liar, and if He sincerely believed it was true when it was not, He would be a lunatic. But the evidence conclusively shows that Christ was neither a liar nor insane. Rather He was God, exactly as He claimed to be. What does that mean for us? It means that Comfort comes from trusting Christ’s person! Since Jesus is God, it means that He has the right to redeem us, because He made us. It also means that desire to redeem us, because He made us. And, He has the ability to redeem us, because He made us. We can rest in that right, ability and desire.