In the Summer of 1978, I was privileged to work on a Kibbutz in Israel for 9 weeks, in a cultural exchange program. While there I had the opportunity to talk with many Israeli’s about a number of subjects. One day, I was talking to a soldier, and said, I noticed that the Israeli soldier does not retreat in the face of the enemy. What is the reason for that? He answered, “Where are we to go, our enemy wants to push us into the sea to the West, and will not be satisfied to defeat us, they want us all destroyed. As I think of this earthly reality, I am reminded that our enemy, the Devil, wants us to be destroyed (I Peter 5:8). In Romans 6:10-14, Paul is picturing sin as a King who rules over the life of those who do not follow the Lord. For those who are followers of Jesus Christ, sin is a dethroned monarch because Christ’s death forever broke its power. We need to understand that sin has no right to rule in our lives as members of the Body of Christ. Although it desires to lure us back into its grasp, we can choose not to sin. Although we continue to struggle with sin in this fallen world, it no longer rules over us. The key to overcoming sin in our lives, is knowing and appropriating the Word of God. Jesus said in Johnn 8:32, You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Remember my friend, as a follower of Jesus Christ, there is “No Retreat, No Surrender!”