An essential part of being a follower of Jesus requires bearing fruit for the Lord. God did not save us to sit, sour, and soak, He saved us to walk, worship, and work! I remember a time when I was asked at 12 am on a Sunday morning, to help a fellow whose car was dead in the parking lot of his work. He had neglected it on Friday and Saturday, and wanted to get to church on Sunday morning. He called me as his pastor to assist him in getting it started. I drove to his house, picked him up, and took him back past my house to his place of employment. We pushed his car out of his parking place, hooked up the jumper cables, and I told him to get in and attempt to start the car, to which he looked at me and said, “I forgot to bring my keys!” We unhooked the car, pushed it back into the parking spot, traveled past my house to his, he ran into the house and came back out, we traveled past my house to his car, pushed it out, hooked up the jumper cables and I told him to attempt to start his car. He got in, and then looked at me, and said I brought my wife’s keys (She unfortunately, did not drive, and so he did not have a car key). We once again unhooked the jumper cables, pushed the car back into the spot, and traveled back to his house. He ran in and got his keys, and came back out. This time as we traveled back to his place of employment we had everything we needed to get the job done. We pushed the car back out, hooked up the jumper cables, and he was able to start the car. Then he looked at me and asked, “Could you follow me home, just in case the car dies on me?” In doing this, I had to drive past my house, to get to his. We were able to get to his place and finally at 2:30 am, I was able to get back home and into bed (I still had to get up and preach the next morning). I would like to say that I endured all that with a smile on my face. But as I crawled into bed, I told my wife that all this was wood, hay, and stubble. My attitude was bad, and my heart was not right. As we serve the Lord sometimes things do not go the way that we desire for it to go, but we need to do all for the Glory of God. I learned some valuable lessons about serving, and helping others that night, that I have carried with me throughout my years of serving the Lord. As you serve the Lord, remember that we are to bring forth fruit of righteousness, which means that our attitude is as important as our actions.