God has created us as relational beings that can communicate in a way that we aer understood. We are given the ability to communicate so that our words would help us do His work and bring Him glory. He is the source, standard, and goal of all our talk. He is the Lord of our mouths, so it is vital that we have a clear sense of His purposes for us in this area. When we talk about God’s mission for our mouths, we are taling about a responsibility we havfe bee4n given to carry out. A mission is a particular set of objectives that gives orde3r and puorsposse wo what a person or goup does. It is a special assignment, to pursue a particular activity. No passage more clearly and succinctly defines God’s mission for our talk than 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. Paul’s words in this passage explain in detail the practical principles regarding how God wants us to use our mouths and the words that come from it. Le me begin by saying that according to this passage we have been called to be ambassadors of the King. As ambassadors we are not free to advance our own interests with our speech. Our communication must have an ambassadorial agenda. Yet we must understand that there is no situation in life without a struggle between our own interests and the Lord’s. Self-interest remains one of the fundamental heart sins that lie beneath our words.It is always easy to move away from God’s purposes toward our own agenda. To speak as an ambassador means that we speak in a way that represents the mission of God to this world. It means that we are considering the methods of God, buy asking ourselves How would the Lord respond to this person in this situation?” and finally, we are required to think about the character of God in our speech; representing the Lord is not only a matter of right goals and methods, but right attitudes as well. Language is a wonderful gift given to us by our Creator God, we need to use it wisely, and learn to speak from a heart of service, and not use our language to lord over others seeking our own agenda as we make ourselves the idol of our heart.