By far the most important quality of a good steward is faithfulness. God expects consistent obedience. Consider the difference between the last judge of Israel (Samuel) and its first king (Saul). The king (Saul). Saul did not have a heart for God, while Samuel, was cnaracterized by consistency, obedience, and a deep desire for God’s will. Saul was dedicated to himself, while Samuel was dedicated to God. God also expects consistent faithfulness, A little sin can be the first step in turning away from God. We must never allow any sin in our lives to go unchallenged. And we must also understand God expects consistent follow-through on our promises. It is not enough to get off to a right start in building our marriage, career, or church on God’s principles; we must remain faithful to God to the end of our lives. God must be in control of our life from the beginning of our relationship until the end of our lives. God is faithful to us, and He enables us to live in peace.