In Acts 8:3 we are told that Saul, made havoc of the church. We can only imagine how difficult it was to have Saul tell the church that he was converted to Christ. Paul went to Damascus to arrest followers of Jesus and bring them back to Jerusalem for trial. He was one of the men responsible for the stoning of Stephen. Yet, there Saul is in Act 9, being confronted by Christ and turning his life over to the Lord. Is it any wonder that those who were apart of the church, were unwilling to trust his testimony. What we see in the life of an encourager is that, one who encourages champions the unheralded. An encourage is someone who will jump on the bandwagon when everyone else is jumping off. Every successful believer needs to have a Barnabas, who will support them in their new-found faith. An encourager is one who sees others as assets rather than objects, They see their mistakes as opportunities to learn rather than as failures, and they invite participation and contributions rather than directing and demanding compliance. How do we see potential where others see problems? First, look for a teachable spirit, that spirit is marked by humility. Second, Look beyond the immediate actions and look at the potential of the person you are helping. And third, be willing to be a part of building in the lives of others. We need to understand that life is messy, and no one is perfect. Learn to stand in the gap, to encourage others to live differently.