When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, he enters into a cocoon and is transformed because of power that is not natural to him. That transformation changes the way that the caterpillar approaches the world. He eats differently, He travels differently, he is even called by a different name, therefore his very essence is changed. In Romans 12:2 we are told to stop allowing ourselves to be conformed to this world, but allow ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The Word of God will become a natural means of transforming us out of darkness and into light. In this passage we are commanded to allow ourselves to be changed outwardly into conformity to our redeemed inner natures. Although we are to aspire to this outward change, it can be accomplished only by the Holy Spirit working in us. The Holy Spirit achieves this transformation by the renewing of the mind, and this outward transformation is affected by an inner change in the mind. Whether good or bad, when anything happens in our lives, our immediate, almost reflexive response should be controlled by this inner transformation of our minds. Only such a mind is able to make our lives “a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is our spiritual service of worship.” Investing our minds in the understanding of the Word of God will naturally make a difference in the way we act and receive the circumstances of our lives.