The women seen in Matthew 27:61, and 28:1-8 became the wones who spoke the word of the resurrection of Jesus and could say we were there! And in Mark 16:9 when Jesus had risen on the first day, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene and she went and told those who had been with Him. They were the first witnesses. Not people who had something to gain, not the disciples of Jesus that someone might think must have fabricated to carry on their particular program. These were women, who simply loved and followed the Lord. They were disciples of Jesus in one sense, but certainly not the ones that the world would assume would be the ones to fabricate the resurrection. This is where our hope comes from. We are reminded that the Lord often uses “common” people. Not just the leaders, there time was coming for that, but common people, like these women, to serve and direct the focus of the world. My friends, never underestimate your value in the kingdom of God! Understand, you are a follower of Jesus Christ for more reasons than to take up space in the church. We bear testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus! A resurrection He predicted and through which salvation is made possible.