Many people have little sense of the ever-present, always active, all-powerful, promise-keeping redeemer who is the God of the Gospel. The gospel presents God as my ever-present help in trouble in Psalm 46. God is working in every situation to deliver me from the bondage to sin in my heart, and to help me experience the riches of the grace He has lavished on me in Christ. His desire is always to use the circumstances that He allows in my life to conform me to the image of His Son (Romans 8:28). Because of God’s incessant redemptive activity, each situation in life, even those that are dark, confusing and scary to me, is sanctified, full of meaning and purpose, and infused with hope. Most people have little sense of the God of the gospel who rules their world in such a way that He is not far from each one of them. God has done this so that, at any moment, we can seek Him and reach out to find Him. People tend to have little hope when they reach the end of their own wisdom and strength. Their functional God is small, weak, uncaring, and distant – not one to whom a person would entrust the fine china of our lives. Their responses to life, and their confusion are directly related to their sense of who God is. It is our role as Ambassadors for Christ to share the good news of God’s interaction with His creation. As His follower, make sure that you represent Him well.