There are many theories about the meaning of life, and the book of Ecclesiastes there are 5 areas which people attempt to find that meaning. First, “pleasures,” Ecclesiastes 2:1 says, “I said in my heart, come now, I will test you with mirth; therefore enjoy pleasure; but surely, this also was vanity. Here we conclude that pleasure seeking in its various forms is meaningless because it ultimately accomplishes nothing. No matter what I do – how pleasurable it is, it is fleeting and short-lived, and simply brings no lasting satisfaction. Our battle is that our heart always wants a little more. Another is “possessions'” We believe that whoever dies with the most toys, wins. Solomon concluded in Ecclesiastes 2:11 that wealth and possessions actually bring more problems than they are worth. The more we have, the more people there are who will try to take what we have. The task of looking for meaning in this world is wearisome, but if you put a relationship with God into the picture, everything changes. God has created life to be meaningful only in Him. We find meaning when we place our trust in the wisdom and sovereignty of God, when we trust His design and His provision of Jesus Christ for our sins. Only when we find our joy in Him can we have a right perspective on wealth and possessions and have the power to enjoy them. Where is your faith? In men, stuff, myself, all this brings us no lasting satisfaction. Only having faith in God brings any lasting satisfaction, and a joy in the things that He allows in our lives.