As we continue consider the parable found in Matthew 25, we are reminded that God will judge us based on our loving service (Matthew 25:32-34). Understand, our service is an indication of our relationship. Jesus used the images of sheep and goats to describe two different groups of people based on how well they served those who were in need around them. Notice the surprise of the sheep, who could not recall ever having helped the King in His moment of distress. All they saw was either the suffering who needed help and acted compassionately toward them or the “rabble” just looking for a handout and turned the other way, surmising that their plight was what they deserved. We are reminded that we have a responsibility to be personally and intimately involved in our giving. In this process we need to remember that it is our loving service, not the gift giving that we are called to do. We are reminded that we have no excuse to neglect those who have deep needs, and we cannot hand over this responsibility to the church or government. Jesus Demands our personal involvement. What we do may look different for each person, but we are challenged here to be involved. Look for the divine appointments that the Lord brings in our lives, and get involved.