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The Cure for Conflict – James 4:7-10

by Jim Jamison

As we struggle with the idols of our heart, what is the prescription for overcoming? James 4:7 outlines six commands to help us understand the battle plan. Let me briefly share those commands with you: 1. Submit o God and Resist the Devil (V7) – I must know and understand the Worde of God to […]

the Consequences of Conflict – James 4:4-6

by Jim Jamison

In James 4:4-6 James accuses the hearers of Spiritual adultery, by following the idols of their heart. According to this passage, we are chasing after the things outside our covenant relationship with God. The danger is friendship with the world. This is putting things that are temporary before that which is eternal. Jesus says in […]

The Cause of Conflict – Matthew 15:18-20

by Jim Jamison

Why is it that we struggle with idols of the heart? Often we pursue the lusts of our hearts instead of desiring to know God in a deeper richer way. In James 4:1-3 we see three reasons that we struggle with our desires: First, in verse one we see that we do what we do […]

Idols of the heart – James 4:1-10

by Jim Jamison

Until we are able to examine our hearts, we are not able to understand the struggle that is in our hearts. We look back at the Old Testament and see that they served many gods, as idols were spread throughout the land. We feel a sense of pride that we do not have statues in […]

The Folly of Rebellion – Galatians 6:7

by Jim Jamison

The Folly of Rebellion is that it is a destructive force in our hearts. Rebellion ruins everything it touches, Parents we are foolish if we allow our children to become companions with rebels. Proverbs 13:20 says He that walks with wise me shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Not only […]