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What does forgiveness look like? – Psalm 103:12

by Jim Jamison

While most of us understand that we are to forgive others for their sinful words and actions against us. Many of us do not know what that looks like. We have heard the adage “forgive and forget,” but when we attempt to forgive we find that forgetting is very difficult if not impossible because of […]

Forgivness is hard – Romans 5:8

by Jim Jamison

Have you ever thought this way concerning forgiveness, “But I don’t want to forgive them, it is not fair!” Yet the only person who can remove the debt that is owed is the one who holds the title to the debt. Only we have the power and ability to remove the guilt that comes from […]

The Importance of Forgiveness – Romans 12:17-21

by Jim Jamison

One of my favorite passages when considering whether I should forgive someone or not is Romans 12:17-21. Emotions are hard to overcome, when people sin against us, and it is comforting for me to realize that God can take care of the situation. I do not have to allow my emotions to control my actions, […]

How often am I to forgive another? – Mattehw 18:21-22

by Jim Jamison

I will forgive you this time, but don’t do it again!” These are words we often say to those who have done something against us. But what is the Biblical principle of forgiveness? According to Matthew 18:21-22, we are to forgive someone as often as they sin against us, remembering how often we struggle with […]

Forgiveness – why is it so hard? – Romans 12:17-21

by Jim Jamison

The hardest thing we do as a person, is to extend forgiveness to another, yet we are never more like God than when we do. Forgiveness is easy to talk about, but hard to live through, because we are often being controlled by the emotions of the situation. I was reminded today of Romans 12:17-21 […]