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value judgments – judgments that are accurate but sinful

by Jim Jamison

If you want to have a biblical view of who you are, understanding and accepting the truth about our sin is the most important area of our value judgments. It is key because the guilt associated with our behavior can lead to misery, depression and apathy. As long as we know that we are not […]

Overcoming inaccurate perceptions that are accurate but not sinful

by Jim Jamison

How you perceive yourself is often slanted by our sinful heart. What we value as important is often not as important as we think. It is important for the moment, but it is not important for eternity. We need to put on eternal glasses instead of the temporal glasses that we wear. How do we […]

Value Judgments: Accurate but not sinful

by Jim Jamison

Who am I, is a question that we constantly struggle with. How do we learn to see ourselves as God does, and therefore, learn to value our lives because of God’s purpose for us. The principle of sin that is present in this world, often tempts us to view ourselves as the world views us, […]