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What are you looking for? – Luke 2:25-35

by Jim Jamison

In Luke 2:25-35 we read about one of the forgotten characters of the birth narrative of Jesus. Simeon, was an older man who was looking for the consolation of Israel (the Messiah). He positioned himself in the one place that he was confident that he would find that Messiah – The Temple. As we prepare […]

Giving the right focus – Matthew 5:16

by Jim Jamison

Christmas is a season for giving, and one of the best gifts we give to others is ourselves. It is especially crucial during this time of year that the world sees the difference in people who call themselves Christians. The difference is not seen in that we are better than those who are tied to […]

Guard the right focus – Psalm 46:10

by Jim Jamison

In the rush of getting everything ready for Christmas, the real reason for Christmas sometimes gets pushed aside. One of the things that I appreciate about December is that it is deer hunting season. Sitting quietly in the woods, watching for deer gives me the opportunity to truly, Be still and ponder what God is […]

Gaining the Right focus – Hebrews 12:2

by Jim Jamison

The World would like us to focus on a number of things this time of year, Spending, gifts, charity, and many things that distract from the true meaning of the year. Yet if it weren’t for the fact that God intervened in the affairs of men, we would be doomed in light of the present, […]

Avoiding Holiday Stress – Luke 2:19

by Jim Jamison

This weekend Kary and I went Christmas hunting (I don’t call it shopping, cuz I want to bag my presents and get home). I so enjoyed the time with my wife, but I would have enjoyed it more if there would not have been so many people around. I wanted so badly to have a […]