We must bear in mind that there is only one Spirit, and that He is God and is therefore unchanging. The same eternal Spirit was at work during the Old and New Testament periods. The Holy Spirit was, is, and always will be the saving agent who draws people to the Lord. There is much continuity in the Holy Spirit’s work between the Old and New Testaments. We must understand that careful study and interpretation of the whole of Scriptures reveals that there are also distinctions between the Old and New covenants concerning the Spirit’s role. What occurred at Pentecost in Acts, 2 is described as a new baptism of the Spirit. It is His role that different, not the essential nature and character of the Spirit Himself. His enhanced role under the New Covenant is more intimate, more personal – but still similar in character to the way we see Him functioning in the Old Testament. What does this mean to us today? Join us this Sunday, February 4, at 10:30 as we plan to explore this very issue.