Some have taught that the Holy Spirit is not present in the Old Testament. We must bare in mind that there is only Spirit, and that He is God and is therefore unchanging. The same eternal Spirit was at working during the Old and New Testament periods, The Holy Spirit was, is, and always will be the saving agent who draws people to the Lord. If there were not such a strong continuity in the Spirit’s saving ministry, Jesus would not have taught Nicodemus as He did in John 3:5-10. Careful study and interpretation of the whole of Scripture reveals that there are also distinctions in the role of the Holy Spirit between the Old and New Covenant. What occurred at Pentecost is a new role, and not a change in the essential character of the Spirit Himself. Just as the Second person of the Trinity, undertook a new role with creation after His incarnation, and subsequent death, burial, resurrection, and Ascension, so to did the Holy Spirit assume a new role in the life of the believer after Pentecost. We have a new and unique relationship with God, based on the Work of the Spirit, provided by the ministry of God in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It is important that we understand that today, we have the person of the Holy Spirit to empower us to enable us to do that work of the ministry that God has called us to do. We need to learn to rely upon that enablement, and trust God that He knows what He has called us to do.