Today, the role of the Spirit has been expanded to bring us into a new and unique relationship with God. No longer are we Israel, we are the bride of Christ! The Holy Spirit has been given to us in order that we might be prepared for the coming of our bridegroom to claim us to be His. Like the love that we have for our spouse, the true preparation for our wedding does not come in all the pomp and circumstance outwardly, but it was formed in the early stages of our relationship when we understood that we love them, and desired to commit our lives to this relationship. The marriage ceremony is the culmination of our hearts desire, and the beginning of a new walk with our spouse. So, too, we see that our relationship with Christ is not primarily about the things we do to prepare for His return, it is about the inward preparations that are necessary to make us ready for that return. Those changes take place in the heart and mind of every believer as the Spirit of God works in our lives. Today, don’t feel ashamed of who you are, grow to become the person you are designed to be, with the assistance of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.