Since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has indwelt all believers from the moment of their conversion to Christ. He provides the ability to understand and apply God’s Word as well as empowering them for growth in their Christian lives. In Romans 8:-17 we continue to have revealed the innumerable results of justification, specifically the marvelous,. benefits of the spirit’s ministry of providing freedom from defeat in the Christian life. In this passage it is revealed that the Spirit changes our nature and grants us strength for victory over the unredeemed flesh that we struggle with in our lives. We need to be reminded that while their is a struggle between our desires of the flesh and our desires to please God, the victory has been won, through the ability to apply the Word of God to our minds which will help us deal with the short term pleasures of the hear and now, and live for the long term gains of serving God. Take some time today to peruse this passage and find the strength to become new in your walk with Christ.