We need to understand that Christians, have great hoe, not only that their afflictions eventually will end, but that those afflictions actually will add to their eternal glory. As followers of Christ, our suffering comes from men, whereas our glory comes from God. Our suffering is earthly, whereas our glory is heavenly. Our suffering is short, whereas, our glory is forever. Romans 8:18-27 states that god cares, that God does have the power, but that God is letting all things move into corruptions be3cause He is working out an eternal purpose. Those who live only for this life cannot look forward to any resolution of wrongs or to do comfort for their souls, Their pain, loneliness, and afflictions serve no Divine purpose and bring no Divine reward. As a believer, it is important for us to remember in the midst of our struggle that there is a Divine purpose to our challenges. These things help us to hold up under duress.