In Romans 8:31 we see the wonderful phrase, “Because God is for us, who can be against us?” Who is it that believers fear? This passage list some things . . .
1. Other people – while others cannot rob us of our salvation they can seriously mislead, confuse or weaken our faith, we must know the Word of God to overcome this battle.
2. We ourselves – Since we are not able by our own power or effort to save ourselves how could we be kept by our own efforts? This is not a license to sin (Romans 6:1) but is a promise of security.
3. God the Father – No where in Scripture does the Lord make ANY allowances for His people to be lost again, but promises each one of them an eternal home in His eternal presence. Having said this, a true believer will manifest fruit (Galatians :22-23), and will be obedient to His Word, and will not be comfortable living in sin.
4. Satan – While Satan is constantly bringing “charges against God’s elect (Romans 8:33), those chages amount to nothing be3fore the Lord, because He is “the one who justifies” (Romans 8:33). We must understand that Satan does not have to power to undo what God has done!
5. Jesus Christ – Nowhere in Scripture does Christ offer temporary life, but only that which is eternal. Eternal life does not begin when we die, it begins the moment we enter into the wonder of the salvation that God offers through Christ.
John MacAurther has said “If a believer could lose his salvation, he would.” Perfection in this life is not possible as we struggle with the flesh, the world, and our enemy, that is not an excuse to live in sin, but it is a reminder not to beat ourselves up for falling short of that perfection. Growing in Christ is a process not an event, learn to accept the maturity that you have, and grow to a greater degree of maturity.