1 Corinthians 12-14 focuses on spiritual gifts, and perhaps no area of biblical doctrine has been more misunderstood and abused, that this area. Yet no area of doctrine is more important to the spiritual health and effectiveness of the church. Apart from the direct energizing of God’s Spirit, nothing is more vital to believers than the ministry of their God-given endowments for Christian service. Years ago, there was a push to give everyone a gift analysis test to determine what their primary Spiritual gift was, unfortunately, what that has done, is it has caused people to sit by passively, when asked to serve, because the ministry they are offered does not fit into their “primary gift”. We must always remember that God does not use the gifted, He enables the available. The Ability to do the work of God is directly related to our willingness to serve the Lord in whatever capacity that we are directed. God gives that ability. Gifts are not just randomly assigned by God at salvation, and then we are given the responsibility to “discover” which gifts we have. The Spirit of God energizes us to do the work of the ministry, as the church recognizes a need, and asks us to fulfill that need. Dependence on God is necessary for any task, to often because of the overemphasis of “gifts” we depend on our ability to do the ministry, rather on God’s ability to empower us to do the ministry. Instead of saying “no” to the ministry opportunity that you have been asked to serve in, step out of your comfort zone and trust God to enable you to do the work you have been asked to do. This is what produces healthy churches, people serving and trusting in God to enable them to do the work.